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What do I do with my old PC's that I need the old data from before I dispose of them?

by Tom Valdez  July 23, 2015

Owner / Mountain Peak Computers


We received a call from a long time client in Lakewood Colorado that told us he had 7 old PC's that he wanted to finally dispose of but needed to get data of from 4 of them.  He understood that he could not just through them away but that they needed to be recycled.


I told him that we can take care of it for him.  The cost would be $35 for each hard drive that we needed to recover his data.  Also we would also drill holes in all the drive to ensure that his data was destroyed.  We charge $20 for each PC the we recycle in this manner.


My client said he had a USB flash drive that I could put the recovered data.  I told him that would work and loaded the 7 PC into my vehicle.  My client then wrote me a check for payment and told me that I could just mail the USB stick back to him.


Back at the shop I pulled each of the hard drives and started the recovery process on the 4 hard drive.  Only one was a SATA and the rest where IDE. We used a SATA/IDE to USB Drive adapter to be able to recover the data from these old drives.  The client had about 500MG of data that was recovered and put on the USB flash drive.

Once the job was completed we mailed the USB flash drive to our client.  We drilled a hole in each of the old hard drives.  Then we delivered the old PC's to a certified computer recycling company located in Highlands Ranch Colorado.


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